Our team

Emily, CEO at FROGED
Emily G. Cebrián
CEO & Co-Founder

If you can dream it, you can do it

Juanjo, CIO at FROGED
Juan José Rojano
CIO & Co-Founder

Data power!

Angel, CTO at FROGED
Angel Romero Astorga
CTO & Co-Founder

Hey, I'm coding!

Jesus, Head of Marketing at FROGED
Jesús Vivas
Head of Marketing

Go big or go home

Stephanie Rubin
Head of Content

Work hard but laugh harder

Noelia, Design at FROGED
Noelia García
Design Team

Designing to enhance the froged ecosystem

Martin, Tech team at FROGED
Martín Stremiz
Tech Team

Be curious, learn as far as you can

Carmen, Sales team at FROGED
Carmen Monsalvo
Sales Team

You only live once!

Maialen Aristimuño
Sales Team

The longest journey starts with the first step.

Jesus, Tech team at FROGED
Jesús Martín
Tech Team

Nothing worth having, comes easy

Mo, Sales team at FROGED
Mo Djelloul
Sales Development Manager

The only one who blocks your success is yourself

Luciana Vaggione
UX/UI Front End Developer

Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens

Amber Bosch
Administrative Team

If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door

Head of environment

Green and Clean!

Advisors and Partners

Perry Monaco, Advisor at FROGED
Head of Customer Success
Customer Success