Message customers before they message you

Send targeted in-app messages to customers based on their behavior and unique attributes. 
Enhance onboarding, accelerate product adoption, and deepen engagement across the customer lifecycle

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Trigger, segment, and launch

 Give customers the proactive support they deserve with automated in-product messaging.

Set your triggers, choose your conditions, and customize your messages in an easy-to-use WYSIWYG editor.
With personalized in-product messaging, you’ll help customers before they ask for it—and gain actionable insights along the way.

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The right message at the right time

No two customers are exactly alike, but every customer eventually needs a helping hand. Traditional self-serve support brings customers away from the source of confusion. In-product messaging allows subscription-based businesses to lend a contextual hand when and where their customers need it the most.

Personalize onboarding

The best onboarding provides relevant and timely guidance. Use in-product messaging to start each customer relationship on the right foot—whether you’re welcoming new users to your platform or helping them achieve quick wins to build momentum.

Set automessages to fire on your website whenever a new customer achieves a milestone or takes a specific action

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Accelerate product adoption

Keeping customers engaged means making sure they see consistent value from your solution.

To do that, you need a zoomed in view of their activity. With tagging and dynamic user segments, you can get granular when tracking customer behavior.

Give cold customers a nudge and keep all customers up to speed on product updates with targeted in-app messages.

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 Build end-to-end campaigns

The power of automated messaging extends beyond your existing customers.

With custom attributes and event tracking, you can trigger automessages anywhere on your site to send hyper-relevant behavior-based messages.

Capture leads, analyze site activity, and start meaningful conversations more likely to convert.

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Drive engagement at scale,
one message at a time.

Automessages help subscription-based companies achieve a wide range of objectives, from early-stage prospecting to identifying at-risk customers and reducing churn


Take user and customer segmentation to a new level of precision with event tracking data and condition setting.


Fire automessages on any page on your site, add media elements to make notifications more interactive, and link messages with behavioral emails and email campaigns.

Granular tracking

Collect very specific data from every site visitor to identify trends and opportunities for outreach

No-code implementation

Build beautiful, customizable automessage notifications without a single line of code.

Why our customers love FROGED

Don’t just take our word for it—hundreds of subscription-based companies choose Froged as their all-in-one customer engagement solution.

I have a SaaS and I'm always looking for tools to help me manage and understand my users, so this is a perfect tool for me. I'm extremely happy with the support team.
The product was easy to use and set up. It's very powerful. It has an auto-message feature, a knowledge base and most importantly triggers based on the client behaviour
Growth Manager
Incredibly easy to use and implement. Zero training to onboard the team. Clean interface that is robust and some great features. We use it mainly for website chat and the auto-messages