Product Success For Cybersecurity

FROGED was designed with privacy, compliance and security in mind so that you are focused on onboarding, retention and proactive customer support and don’t have to worry.

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The Perfect Product Success Tool with End to End Encryption, ideal for Cybersecurity Saas Doesn’t Exis…

Easy and Adaptable

Our technology is designed with your growth and tech stack in mind. This means you are in the driver seat from your customer success and product teams to your marketing touch points.

Tracking Health of Product Adoption

Easily use product flows to improve onboarding by guiding users to take action and reduce time to value. Within the app, set up an NPS survey to gain insights into product performance and opportunities.

Let’s Get Technical

You are the security experts, so pick a partner that gets it.

On the front-end Secure Auth ensures that conversations between you and your users are kept private, and that one person can't impersonate another. And you can authenticate users through the FROGED Widget SDK making for a better customer experience.

Access to backend services is done through secure requests encrypted with SSL. And data sent to or from FROGED is encrypted in transit, while our API and application endpoints are TLS/SSL only.

We have access control and confidentiality protocols in place and are GDPR compliant. For more details on our security protocols, see our documentation, or contact us today.

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Onboarding. Retargeting. Proactive Support.

Easy, accessible and secure onboarding for both you, and your customers.

Engage your customers based on how and where they interact with your product creating truly personalized experiences.

Don’t Reduce Churn, Prevent it.

Our versatile toolkit uses proprietary behavioral segmentation based on user interaction with your product. Meaning only the right customers stay.

And it’s versatile from in-app messages, product flows, email campaigns, knowledge base tools, dynamic chat and so much more - allowing you to engage and retain customers.

Our Customer Support Testimonials

"Our customer success rates are so much higher now and our support tickets have decreased. Our customers love FROGED, and so does our team!" It is truly an amazing platform for our customer service.

Timothy Murenzi

"FROGED has also become a direct source of customer satisfaction [...] and their NPS tools help us to evaluate at all times the degree of "infatuation" that hundreds of schools have with Pekebook"

Victor Llisó

"We can understand some valuable information about our users’ activity and avoid sending unnecessary, irrelevant emails. has added another fantastic dynamic to our client support service at Sengerio."

Michele Zaccaria