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Why our customers love FROGED

I have a SaaS and I'm always looking for tools to help me manage and understand my users, so this is a perfect tool for me. I'm extremely happy with the support team.
The product was easy to use and set up. It's very powerful. It has an auto-message feature, a knowledge base and most importantly triggers based on the client behaviour
Growth Manager
Incredibly easy to use and implement. Zero training to onboard the team. Clean interface that is robust and some great features. We use it mainly for website chat and the auto-messages
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In-product Messages

You only get one chance to
make a first good impression

Automessages are the most astonishing tool in our Platform️
With them, you can schedule messages based on users behavior that will be sent automatically


Choose when you want your automessage to be triggered, the automessage can be triggered by an event or when a contact visits a page.


You can choose to apply different conditions that the user will have to occur so the automessage is shown.

Human Support

Choose if you want to allow the recipients to be able to reply to the automessage and open a conversation or not.


You can choose the appearance of the automessage. It could be a simple notification, a widget notification, or a full notification.

Behavioral Emails

The right message at the right time

Behavioral emails differ from the more traditional email campaigns behavioral emails will be triggered by a certain event that your contacts have carried out.

Reach your customers in a proper way to reinforce any marketing initiative you have going on, by using your previously saved segments or by filtering an audience

Emails Campaigns

Build end-to-end campaigns

Thanks to the use of the previously saved segments or by filtering the audience, you can reach all the users you want to keep them engaged with your product.

WYSIWYG editor to design beautiful emails.

NPS (Net Promoter Score)

The easiest way to your team to measure customer loyalty and satisfaction.

The NPS has a single objective: to discover the probability that a customer will recommend yourproduct to someone else.

"I would recommend FROGED to all businesses.

Detailed data of each user - Ability to engage with users. New features every couple of weeks/months - Good & fast customer service"
Jessie Akkermans, CEO

Powerful and easy to use

Quick to install

No code required. Just copy and paste our script or install our plugin to use FROGED

+1k Integrations

You'll find hundred of possibilities to automate your processes

5 mins migration

Migrate your data into FROGED is simple, in less than 5 mins, all your data in your workspace

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• Slack Integration


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• User behavior tracking
• Zapier Integrations
• Up to1,000 Monthly Active Users


7-day free trial
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• Advanced messenger tools
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• Remove FROGED Branding from in-app alerts & emails
• Up to 10,000 Monthly Active Users


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• From 50,000 Monthly Active Users

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