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Expand your reach and availability to important contacts on any platform.


Connect FROGED to Zapier and automate tasks and workflows in 2K+ applications.


COMING SOON... Start using FROGED immediately - no installation or event delays.


Connect phone-based messaging with the exclusive Twilio-Whatsapp API.


Eliminate data silos between your customer success & product teams.


Receive notifications about contacts & conversations from your FROGED app in Slack

Google Meet

Start video calls with users from conversations to offer personalized support.

Facebook Messenger

Easily manage all your Facebook private messages from your FROGED inbox.

Custom Integrations

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Latest Integrations: WhatsApp & Twilio

This feature allows you to connect WhatsApp directly to FROGED’s dynamic chat providing faster and more efficient customer support in one place. And it’s easy!

How it works?

When your customer starts a conversation from WhatsApp, the conversation will be created in FROGED. This allows your team to answer and manage everything in one place.
Reply in real-time, send attachments, and even set up support calls - all from inside your FROGED Platform.


Additional metrics to help improve the product and customer experience
Ability to add “internal notes” to organize and assign each conversation to the right agent or group
Efficiently respond, track and manage all conversations with customers

Connect all of your Customer Success Apps

Manage support messages
all in one place

Never miss a message. Directly message and manage all your customer and internal communications and processes in one place.

FROGED integrations allows for global notifications across your tech stack, and offers quick, quality support to your customers, regardless of the channel.

Create a seamless product development cycle

Improve your feedback cycle from customer support to your product team - and back.

Achieve high customer satisfaction and improve your product experience at the same time

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