Why you need to think about Behavioral Marketing?

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Jesús Vivas
November 18, 2019
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Imagine for a moment the amount of money you may be spending (or wasting) trying to send your message to the wrong public, or sending your message to the right audience, but in a way in which that message - and this is a serious problem - It is not perceived as you would like.

What is behavioral marketing?

Have you done any calculations yet? You will not have needed much to feel the foundations of your digital strategy staggering. The good news is that today we know firsthand the importance of segmenting Marketing communications. Therefore, we have put all the means so that companies like yours do not have to worry about investing a single euro in the media, with the messages and the most profitable formats to achieve your goals: sell, build loyalty and grow your business at a sustainable pace. Any more goals? Surely with Behavioral Marketing we can reach them.

Adopting a digital strategy focused on Behavioral Marketing means beginning to understand what your customers are like and what they need from a continuous study of their behavior. Automatically, minimizing the costly data collection and subsequent segmentation of your user list based on your preferences. And best of all: there is no reason why you cannot implement a form of work that has already been endorsed by such top companies today as Netflix, where they know very well the importance of showing each user a proposal of entertainment based in their real preferences.

How to create a behavioral marketing strategy?

In summary, adopting a Behavioral Marketing strategy in your company means starting to collect information about the behavior of your users in the media environment where you have an online presence -web, social networks, etc.- to be able to offer each profile exactly what you need, leaving aside what you don't need. And there is no better way to add a new ultra-satisfied customer than to only and exclusively give him what he needs.

So, what does leave your business in the hands of experts in Behavioral Marketing mean? It means a lot to learn about what interests your users and, what is even better, an immensely more direct way to sell your products or services to them:

Attending to the customer journey of each of your users, identifying barriers and proposing specific solutions to overcome them.

Facilitating the grouping of your users by similar segments, making your database management much more agile and manageable.

Identifying behaviors of special relevance for the launch of concrete actions.

With all this information available at all times and in an easy way to interpret for your team, programming and launching effective e-mail campaigns is a reality difficult to reach by companies that allow themselves in luxury of not having in Account the behavior of its users. Without a doubt, a type of companies among which you are not interested in finding your own company.

From what moment can you say that your email marketing campaigns are really effective? Using some of the statistics published to date, neither more nor less than when your email marketing campaigns reach around 34% open and 37% CTR (compared to about 21% and 23% respectively doing Marketing without attending to the needs of its users).

Something that may sound difficult to achieve with the usual means, but not when a tool designed for this purpose comes into play.

And as an Inbound Marketing strategy is not understood if it does not have a solid basis in the purchase funnel that your users go through since they identify a problem until they understand that the best solution is yours - and no other-, starting as soon as possible to focus your marketing efforts around Behavioral Marketing is more than ever necessary.

As once said by expert Pete Stain (CEO of Huge), regardless of channel type chosen to get to customers, there is a big difference between spending money on speaking to someone who is never going to buy your product versus investing in speaking to those who are likely to convert or influence other converters. That´s the big difference we get at the moment when Behavioral Marketing comes into play.

Said all this, once you start implementing this mentality in the day to day of your Marketing actions - and for this, you just need to inform yourself and take the step -, you will see that integrating an automated system based on Behavioral Marketing is easier than you can look like from the outside. Because, like any technology you use in your day to day, you don't need to understand their ins and outs as much as to see the results arrive.

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