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These days, we want instant gratification whether it is downloading a song, transferring money - we simply do not like to wait. When you add a product or software into the mix companies need to make learning how to use their product simple and easy or they will lose the customer forever. 

With that feedback in mind, FROGED launched a widget allowing users the ability to view help articles or contact support via chat when they need additional assistance. Giving the customer two methods to find what they need in one place, not only provides them instant solutions, but also keeps them engaged with your product. Because, isn’t the goal to keep them on your platform? 

Customer Outcome Innovation - Widget

Our team at FROGED is constantly innovating because we use our product just like our clients and experience it just like our client’s customers interact with our robust toolkit. With that in mind we are mindful of making the user experience easy and reducing steps when customers are searching for answers. 

Create a Better User Experience - Simplify Access

Recently we noticed our Widget took 5 steps to fully access, so we not only reduced the process down from 5 to 3 steps, but also added a floating search engine option that can be opened from any button. 

Create User Interaction and Engagement Opportunities

We also added another capability so that if a user opens the search engine they can also enter text into the search making it flexible based on how real users might interact with the widget itself - i.e. there are no two snowflakes alike! 

Why is this important - imagine finding a solution to your challenge with just a single click. That’s right, a single click. With this innovation, you can also display a specific document from any button.

We are able to achieve these product evolutions quickly because our entire team - UX, product and development work side-by-side together. Our mission is simple - evolve and improve the product we ourselves use daily and add value to our customers through experience. 

If you’d like to learn more about our latest product update and review 4 examples of it in action, click here.

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