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We sat down with Perry Monaco, Head of Global Customer Success Strategy at LinkedIn to discuss the do’s and don’ts when it comes to scaling your customer success. If you are still mapping out your 2022 strategy, tune into hear Perry’s insights on how best to “trust technology” and understanding the “C word”. We mean, churn people…come on, now…

Topics Include:

  • Hiring more humans VS trusting in technology
  • Should you focus on keeping customers, or growing them? Or both?
  • The C-word - Is measuring churn a fruitless exercise?
  • Should we delight customers, or just focus on solving their problem?
  • Customer journey best-practices 
  • Plus general growth hints, tips and trick for SMBs

To kickstart your own Customer Success Growth Strategies, we have some handy articles like, How to create a Customer Success Funnel? and How 7 SaaS Companies Use Customer Support to Drive Growth, for you. Happy growing!

Perry Monaco leads the global Customer Success strategy for LinkedIn focusing on SMB and new business. His teams work with LinkedIn's customers in multiple solutions areas, focusing on the customer to manage retention, customer experience, and account growth through customer success planning. Perry was one of the first 4.5 million members of LinkedIn and was previously a recruiter before helping to build the CS practice at LinkedIn. Perry currently resides in the Greater Toronto Area with his wife and three children.

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