2022 Customer Success Insights: Millennials vs. Gen Z

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Our final Fireside Chat of the 2021 came with a bit of a twist. FROGED CEO and Co-Founder, Emily G.-Cebrián Lombán and special guests dived into the generational differences between Millennials and Gen Z, and how these can affect any Customer Success strategy for 2022.

Our guests (two Millennials and one Gen Z) share the psychology behind their decision making processes, and how the tech itself, pricing points, experiences, and loyalty are influenced and approached in different ways - respective of the generation. 

Topics covered were: 

  • Breaking stereotypes associated with different roles
  • Brand loyalty vs product loyalty vs experience loyalty
  • Developing trust 
  • Using Apps and services
  • Sponsored content, or word of mouth?
  • The difference between Tech savvy & Tech native users

"Choosing a product/app is like going into dating to be honest - the first impression is everything, then you immediately create an opinion the moment they start talking to you [...] if I'm facing an issue and I'm not getting what I need immediately I lose interest and I move on." - Sri, Social Media Coordinator (Millennial)

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