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SaaS Onboarding – Definitive Guide: Examples, Checklist & Metrics

SaaS onboarding is walking users through your product until they experience the –so-called– eureka effect and start getting value from your solution.

SaaS Churn Rate – Calculation, Averages & Benchmarks [2021 Guide]

SaaS churn rate is a crucial metric that confuses many people. Learn how it works, and see how your business stacks up against SaaS churn benchmarks.

Top 12 no-BS Customer Success Best Practices for SaaS [2021 Update]

If you’re scaling a SaaS company in 2021, make sure you take the time to implement these 12 customer success best practices to ensure your customers e

FROGED, has raised $500k in a seed round

The Spanish Startup FROGED, focused on improving user retention and support for SaaS businesses has attracted not only its customers but also several

How we improve our Customer Success Strategy With FROGED

All in all, FROGED has been hugely beneficial for optimizing Sengerio’s customer success. But behind this optimization was the FROGED team...

How Black Friday Deals Cost SaaS Companies Millions

Register now to learn how to improve your customer engagement and retention after your Black Friday deal ends!

Top 5 SaaS metrics and tips to improve them

If you are running a SaaS business you will have key metrics to measure the success of your business.

Take care of your customer's life cycle

Mediocre customer experience isn’t enough. The expectations of modern consumers are rising. That’s why even the most traditional industries are...

Why you need to think about Behavioral Marketing?

Behavioral Marketing strategy in your company means starting to collect information about the behavior of your users in the media environment

How to get more leads by implementing a live Chat in your website?

There is no data worse than a slap in the face to those who manage businesses on the Internet such as the following: on average, only 2% of visits to

Top 5 Customer Success Automations

We have a Zapier integration that allows you to instantly connect your FROGED account with 2,000+ apps and trust me, this will be helpful for you

How to create In-App retargeting

Remarketing (also known as retargeting) is the tactic of serving targeted ads to people who have already visited or taken action on your website.

How to create a Customer Success Funnel?

Customer Success is ensuring that your customers achieve their desired outcomes and positive tangible results by using your product. 

9 steps to Scale your Customer Success Department

Depending on your business model, you’ll have different steps but these stages could be helpful to design your Customer Journey Map.

The TOP 5 Reasons Why Companies Use FROGED vs Intercom

There are features and product stuff that’s different between us, but let me show you the top 5 reasons because clients are coming to FROGED directly.