Create a stunningretention process

Implement the right processes to make sure your customers keep and upgrade their subscription with you.

Increase loyalty through our tools. Keep your customers engaged, create stunning support content and launch updates.

Create Retention

They already know your product, keep them engaged

Things have changed, your business needs to keep your customer engaged, offer proactive support, and take the control, now more than ever.

The correct message, the correct moment

Live Chat

Guide your customers to the correct agents to help them to find a qick and relevant answer, keeping the human touch that improves customer engagement

Go fast with saved replies and attach knowledge base documents

Knowledge Base

Create documents in our easy-to-use editor and improve your self-service support without increasing your costs

Create help articles to your clients with the best features:

- The support widget (Live chat, Support & Updates) within your website or platform

- Any button on your website can show our floating search engine and your clients will have documentation without changing the page.

- SEO friendly

Document reorganization with Drag and Drop

- Multilingual

Use Cases

Retain customers

Provide help articles with FROGED Knowledge Base.

Engage them with Updates

Launch product updates and keep your customers engaged

Manage customer conversations

Manage your conversations through one of the best live chats

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