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Onboard customers faster, improve your customer satisfaction, and build your long-term customer success.

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Create Onboarding

You only get one chance to
make a first good impression

Create beautiful campaigns to automatically welcome new users to your product or service and guide them through the setup process by creating a WOW effect.

The correct message, the correct moment

Triggered Onboarding

Personalize your onboarding with in-app messages based on their behavior to increase product adoption and engagement.

Within our WYSIWYG editor, you'll be able to launch surprising campaigns to boost your product.

Behavioral Emails

Behavioral emails differ from the more traditional email campaigns behavioral emails will be triggered by a certain event that your contacts have carried out.

Reach your customers in a proper way to reinforce any marketing initiative you have going on, by using your previously saved segments or by filtering an audience

Use Cases

Welcome Message

Launch a Welcome In-app Message to your users after the sign up.

You can create different messages to different customer segments

First steps message...

Send your new customers an automated email with relevant information to start to use your product.

Product Feedback

Send a "Product Feedback" campaign after a week of use or after your free trial

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