What's in the Name?

We get asked a lot about our name and what inspired it. It’s kind of an uncomplicated thought for a complicated world. Frogs leap and bound, they never just take a step which is really how technology moves. It leaps. So here we are. As for the ED part of our name (pronounced Frog-Ed), well, Ed is the name of our frog and mascot. And in honor of Ed, with every new client we contribute to We Forest, a non-profit dedicated to helping communities sustainably manage their natural resources and forests. To date we have funded nearly 450 trees. In addition to giving back to local communities, our founders Emily, JuanJo and Angel saw a gap in the Customer Service landscape and with a new point of view put together a diverse and innovative team. We might be the new kid on the block, but change is good. And change within the customer success space is here. Our dynamic and flexible platform is built with a simple philosophy: be more proactive and less reactive, create brand advocates and make it easy. Like, really easy. We get it, really -  we are onboarding clients everyday too, so yeah, we get your pain points and your wins.


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Who is Froged?

FROGED is a Spanish software company that offers the main tools needed to engage recurrent users and improve Customers' Lifecycle in SaaS B2B/B2C enterprises while avoiding churn rate.

The company started in 2019 when its founders met at an event, hosted by Demium, an international incubator, and soon after they realized how many SaaS businesses were having the same issue, a high churn or abandonment rate

We are helping companies around the world to build strong relations with their customers.

G2 and Capterra 5 star Review Froged

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